Linty Documentation

Configure Linty Platform

Table of Contents:

Log in to the Linty web interface as an administrator.

Set Linty License Keys

To request license keys, please, email and provide:

  1. For the Linty platform: Server ID displayed on your Linty platform: Administration > System
  2. For BugFinder: On the machine that will run the analyses of your code, output of the Linux ip a command, for us to get a fixed MAC address. This MAC address is required to generate the license of Tabby CAD Suite that is embedded in BugFinder.

Go to Administration > Configuration > Linty > Linty license key and paste the Linty platform license key.

The BugFinder license key has to be provided during scans of your code.

Create linty-scanner User

Go to Administration > Security > Users > Create User and create the linty-scanner user as below:

Create User

Generate Token for linty-scanner User

Log in as linty-scanner user and go to My Account (top right):

Generate Token Menu

From the Security tab, generate a new token:

Generate Token

Copy it and keep it in a safe place. This token will be necessary to scan you code with Linty.