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BugFinder is a scan engine that provides additional rules based on synthesized code analysis. Those advanced rules will help you detect bugs and improve reliability of your IPs. BugFinder embeds Tabby CAD Suite from YosysHQ to synthesize your code.

BugFinder rules are tagged as bug-finder.


Activate some rules tagged as bug-finder and scan your code with the Linty Scanner.


Debug information are available in the bugfinder_workdir directory at the root of your project:

Additional information that cannot be displayed on the web interface (for now)

Design graph of each module

In the bugfinder_workdir/design directory, for each module, is stored its design graph.

Design Graph

Additional information for some rules

For instance, for Combinatorial loops should be removed rule, combinatorial loops are highlighted in design graphs (bugfinder_workdir/combinatorial_loops directory).

Combinatorial Loops